Monday, March 2, 2015

~Stamped Edible Cookies and Update On Our Garden Artichokes~

I've always wanted to try and stamp cookies with edible ink. Carly and I made sugar cookies and then put fondant on them.
We used edible colored markers.
They're not perfect but look so pretty!

They were fun to make!
Carly stamped little marshmallows.

Pretty Heart Shape
I always love seeing a photo of our garden from a distant.
It shows us how big our garden really is.
The artichoke plants are getting bigger everyday.
No artichokes on them yet.
New birds in our garden.
After a break from our rain in San Diego,
we saw a Rainbow!
Always a nice surprise!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

~Washington Coast Road Trip and Simple & Sweet Fridays #156~

Our trip to the Washington coast was so much fun.
I wanted to share some photos of our vacation.
This is a photo of Ruby Beach where they filmed,
 The Twilight Series.
We were lucky with the weather.
It just drizzled a little, perfect for hiking along the coast.
Here is another spot where they filmed, "The Twilight Series".

Ocean Shores was a gorgeous peninsula.

A beautiful place.

A charming little town called, 

The World's Largest Spruce Tree.
It was spectacular!

~Lake Crescent~

We loved the Lake Quinault Lodge.
~Beautiful Views~

We saw lots of different animals;
Deer, Elk and Buffalo.
Port Townsend was a gorgeous seaport.
We stayed the night at the Palace Hotel.

If you're ever in Port Townsend you have to stop at Petals.
A very cute flower shop with lots of treasures for your garden.

Our last stop was a wonderful nursery and greenhouse called,
 My friend, Mary, told us we had to visit if we were in Mt.Vernon.
We weren't disappointed.
I'll share photos next week. 

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