Tuesday, February 9, 2016

~Happy Tuesday With Some More Valentine Inspiration~

Happy Tuesday!!
Just sitting down for a little break from cleaning.
Thought I'd share with you my pretty English Rose Quilt.
I placed it on our table and I'm thinking 
about doing a tablescape with it.
What do you think?
Maybe a little feminine but it would set the mood for a 
Romantic Valentine Dinner.
I made this pretty Valentine picture last year.
It looks perfect on our buffet.
A pretty heart necklace and crown adorns
my woman statue.
I made this 
Valentine Paper House.
With some precious Angels on the side.
Glitter embellishments everywhere.
The Angels are busy picking hearts for Valentine's!
I found this laser Paris card while shopping 
up in San Francisco.
A heart latte with
Some chocolate croissants makes my day.
Of course,
 a little sketching to complete the artist in me.

Hope you're all having a 
~Good Tuesday~

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

~Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and Goodies for Valentine's Day and Simple & Sweet Fridays #205~

Our family loves strawberries, 
especially around Valentine's Day.
I decided to chocolate dip some strawberries
 with sprinkles for an added treat!
All you need is one,
 but of course
 the whole family likes to eat more than one!!
A special treat for Valentine's!
I always love making a fresh heart wreath for Valentine's Day.
I used a wreath I already had and 
added some Rosemary from the garden.
Then, I added some roses 
that I had bought from Trader Joe's.
I love to dry flowers especially roses from Valentine's Day.
I found so many cute cupcake decorations,
I wanted to share them with you.
I could have bought more,
But there's always next year!
I made some paper decorations for the house.
An antique heart muffin tin with roses in it.
I think Valentine's is one of my favorite holidays!

~Now I can't wait to see
 what you've been working on~

If you have been featured on
Simple & Sweet Fridays,
feel free to add my button!
Rooted In Thyme

Enjoy the Simple & Sweet Friday linky party!

Rooted In Thyme

Monday, February 1, 2016

~Rainy Weekend in San Diego and a Surprise Hummingbird~

We got a rain storm on Saturday and Sunday in San Diego.
The winds were 50 to 60 mph.
Needless to say, we didn't drive anywhere.
 It was a weekend to stay home and cook!
Stan made us a Frittata for Sunday brunch,
It was made with asparagus, feta, bacon and tomatoes.
I haven't had one in so long,
I definitely will be making more.
The family loved it!!
Scott and his girlfriend, Kaylee made fresh cinnamon buns.
The house was smelling like a bakery!

I made some fresh Acorn Squash Bisque Soup for dinner. 
It was a Martha Stewart recipe. 
And I also made some Rosemary Focaccia.
Perfect for a rainy day!
I started stamping some Valentine goodies for gifts.

I love crafting on a rainy day!
It seemed like it rained non-stop for 12 hours.
In the background,
 you can see I planted lots of new seedlings.
They love the rain!!
A break in between the storm,
 was a rainbow...
A surprise in our garden.
A hummingbird!
She made her nest in a tree rose and survived the rain storm.
We have a new member to our family!!
Lucky us...

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